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Eco Friendly Detailing for all vehicle types

MEDS provides eco-friendly, hyopallergenic mobile detailing and servicing to all vehicle types, including cars, trucks, boats and SUV's. Because we use non harmful detergents, we can come directly to your home or place of business.


MEDS cleaning solutions are all certified green and biodegradable. They are made from natural botanic enzymes that while powerful enough for most applications, are also hypoallergenic and guaranteed to not damage your vehicle’s paint.

This means that no harmful detergents are released into drainage systems (more and more municipalities in Canada are passing bylaws to prevent this), ground soil, or waterways. Meaning, MEDS can detail your boat while it’s still in the water (who wants to take their boat out if they don’t have to?), RVs/ 5th Wheels while in campgrounds (cleaning on site!), or your car anywhere it’s protected from the elements (we bring a pop up tent in the summer for open air work).

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Trucks & SUV's
RV.jpg RV's & Campers
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Where possible, Mobile Eco Detailing Specialists (MEDS) prefers to utilize waterless detailing.

This works best on light to moderately soiled vehicles, at temperatures above 5 degrees. Our spray on solutions are extracted from enzymes found naturally in the environment, are certified green (so that they may be used on open water, around storm drainage, and ground soil), and are guaranteed to both work, and not damage your vehicle’s paint or clear coat.

For tougher jobs (salt, mud, porous metals, sanitization work) Mobile Eco Detailing Specialists uses super heated steam vapour.

This allows us to clean a vehicle inside and out without additional cleaning agents and even in colder climates. The discharge from a typical vehicle’s cleaning using this method would be about 200mL (or less than 2/3 a can of pop!). Additionally, the lack of water run off means that we’re perfect for underground parkades without drainage!

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We Are a Tree Canada Partner

To offset other business activities, we’re proud to partner with Tree Canada.  For every service over $100, MEDS Mobile Vehicle Detailing, will plant a tree somewhere in Canada for that client.