Boat Detailing

If your boat needs to be cleaned, we come to you!

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$400 exteriors (pontoons extra), $200 interiors, $500 for both at the same time (within service areas)

So you’ve had a great day out on the water with your friends…Do you really want to take your precious free time to make sure the interior is ready to go before your next trip out?

MEDS will sanitize and steam all touch points, as well as the nooks and crannies!

We’ll take care of carpets, vinyl seats (including conditioning them with a UV resistant solution), glass, and pretty much anything except wood.  Pair it with a combo service, or use independently whenever you need to get ready to take family or friends out!

Our exterior services are perfect for a pre or post season service …

Not only can we remove the majority of stains with an acid wash, but we’ll also cut, polish, and wax the hull to bring your shine back! (not applicable to pontoons).  We’ll also remove most, if not all, water spots (dependant on condition); polish chrome and aluminum; and take care of glass.  Trailers not included.

Please note: This can only be done outside when temperatures permit – it must be at least +5 degrees!

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