Vehicle Detailing

Whether it’s a Moped or a Mopar, has 8 Horsepower or 800, we’ve done it before and would love to add you to our list of thousands of customers!

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Cars, Trucks, SUVs, Vans, Motorcycles, and more!

MEDS is the first Intra Provincial mobile detailing company and the first to offer full vehicle care (including mechanical) – there’s a reason why new start ups are copying us!

MEDS is Incorporated and registered in both BC and AB, is up to date with WCB and Liability Insurance, and despite having taken care of thousands of appointments, we’ve never damaged a vehicle.  We use only the highest quality all natural and hypoallergenic supplies (a major reason why we’ll never be the cheapest around), the best tools and equipment, and if we have a new trainee, they’re paired with a specialist with years of detailing experience.

From the time you land on our website, we want you to have the most professional and consistent experience that a mobile detailing and service experience can bring you. Our self booking software allows you not only the ability to book and pay for appointments online, but also reschedule if needed and connect with iCalendar or your Google calendar.  We’ll send you text and email notifications and reminders, and never – EVER – sell your information.

We’ve performed services in underground garages (due to no drainage required), Wal Mart parking lots, street side, driveways, and endless work lots.  If you want to drive to school or work in a dirty car, and then drive home in a clean one, we’re the company for you!

Also, we serve a wide spectrum of commercial clients from Canada Post to mom and pop businesses with 1 vehicle.

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Vehicle Specifics:

Large Vehicle

A Large vehicle would be defined as any Pick up, any 3 row SUV, or any Mini van.

Mid Size Vehicle

Pretty much the ‘catch all’ group.  Comprises any 4 door vehicle that isn’t a Pick up nor something with 3 rows of seating.

Small Vehicle

Any 2 door car that isn’t a Pick up.

Truck Detailing

We’ve been servicing trucking fleets for years, and would love to bring that expertise to you!  Past and present clients include; Trimac Trucking, Stryder Motorfreight, Peterbilt, Sara Transport; Canada Post; Atlas Van Lines; and many others.

We’ll vacuum out the entire cab; Steam clean vents and ducts, as well as all other areas; Shampoo and extract mattresses in sleeper cabs as well as any carpets; Clean glass; Condition and protect leather; Clean and protect vinyl and plastics; Polish chrome; Wax and polish of exterior; As well as perform a rim & Tire detailing.

When we’re done, your Cab will not only be a much more pleasant place from which to work – but will be fully sterilized and remediated before use by another operator (in the case of fleets).


Degrease and steam engine; Clean, wax, and polish fuel tank and painted bodywork; Clean and polish chrome; Condition leather; Clean windscreen; Rim & tire detail; Treat and protect rubber


Cargo vans without supplemental seating (for passenger vans, see ‘Mini vans’).  Will vacuum out entire vehicle; Steam clean; Shampoo and extract (where necessary); Clean glass; Apply leather conditioning agent (where required); Rim & tire detailing; Sanitize and sterilize.

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