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Two Good Reasons Why You Should Clean Your RV, 5th Wheel or Motorhome Before Storing Them For Winter.

Growing up, my grandfather always told me “the job isn’t done until the tools are put away”. I think that’s amongst the most ‘grandfatherly’ advice most of us receive – and there’s definitely something to it. While it’s incredibly tempting to use your RV / Trailer / 5th Wheel until the first snowflake falls, there are definite benefits to having it thoroughly cleaned/detailed before it gets stored away for the oncoming winter months.

Limit or eliminate ‘winter residents’

If you’ve cooked bacon while camping (and who doesn’t?!?) the grease becomes airborne and sticks to walls, ceilings and especially ventilation fans. As compared to the unforgiving cold, a warm place that smells (to their sensitive noses) of bacon is too irresistible to pass up (are they really that different from the rest of us??). Now that they’re warm, and fed, what do you think they’ll do with their free time? That’s right, a little ‘Netflix and chill’.

Open up your trailer / RV / 5th wheel in the spring and there’s a whole new generation of ants, mice, etc. Whereas if you had eliminated all odours before putting the toys away, they might have just moved on to the next opportunity. Since you’d have it cleaned anyway, doing it before putting it away saves you an unwanted hassle.

Take advantage of the first nice opportunity in the spring

You know that first warm day in the spring, where after a long and bitter winter, the sun hits your skin and it just feels soooooooo good? You want to be out there enjoying it – certainly not at home cleaning out your toy from the previous season’s use. Sure, you could just take it out ‘as is’ – but have you ever done that and played “what’s that smell” with the family? Having the unit cleaned before it is sealed up and put away in the winter means that it’s not only fresh and ready to go at the first opportunity in the spring, but it means that it doesn’t have months to seep into blinds, carpets, and other fabrics.

Regardless, you need regular cleaning of your RV/5th Wheel/Trailer to fully enjoy it. As such toys aren’t cheap, you certainly deserve to get the most out of your investment. By taking care of a deep clean prior to putting it away for the winter, you save yourself potentially expensive issues, as well as maximize your enjoyment for the next season.