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Why keeping your vehicle clean can save you money

There are really two types of car owners out there; those who consider a vehicle as a tool, or appliance;
a thing, bereft of personality or special consideration, used to get yourself and possibly family from
point ‘A’ to point ‘B’ (and occasionally on weekends, point ‘C’). Then there are those who spend
grueling hours maintaining their pride and joy. Who forego vacations and occasional necessities for a
new set of wheels, or a turbocharger. This article isn’t necessary for the latter group.

Besides looking good, here are 6 reasons why keeping your vehicle clean can save you money;

  1. In the winter, frequently washing off salt will help prevent rust and corrosion
  2. In the summer, frequently cleaning off bugs, pollen, and bird droppings will keep acids from
    eating into your vehicle’s clear coat (the protective layer above the paint)
  3. If left for too long, when you DO get to cleaning the clearcoat (with clay bar, cutting and
    polishing, etc) the extra steps and supplies required will cost you hundreds of dollars more than
    if you had kept on top of it
  4. Heavy amounts of mud on trucks lets everyone know that you had a fun time, but you’re also
    paying extra fuel to not only haul that weight around, but the aerodynamics of the vehicle are
    negatively effected
  5. Contaminants on windshields and headlights can hamper visibility, thereby causing an accident
  6. A well maintained vehicle (which includes paint) is worth more when selling

Not everyone is ‘in to’ cars, and that’s fine. But if you’re the person who typically lets the rain wash your
car for you, hopefully these points will entice you to keep your second most valuable asset a little
cleaner. Doing so may not only make you enjoy your vehicle a little more but will also keep more
money in your wallet