Covid-19 Vehicle Sanitizing - Questions & Answers

As MEDS has been receiving a lot of calls regarding our ability to address COVID 19 concerns, we wanted to put our answers in one easy to find place.

Are you open at this time?

Absolutely! as we enable businesses to keep running, and protect the health of families and employees, we're an essential service

How are you addressing vehicle cleaning at this time?

We're treating every vehicle as a potential biohazard.  In cases where the previous operator of the vehicle is experiencing COVID - like symptoms our detailing specialists wear full biohazard suits and respirators.  If it's just a 'typical' detailing, we still wear masks, disposable gloves, and protective eyewear.  Not only do we want to protect our employees, but we want to ensure that they're not getting infected and therefore infecting the vehicles we work on.

When it comes to 'we come to vehicle sanitation', how are you different?

1) We come to where the affected vehicle is - no need to further expose others
2) Potential for zero contact service - book and pay online, receive your receipt, leave your keys in a secure location - and we'll replace them to the same location
3) Between all jobs, we wear protective hazmat gear, to not only protect ourselves, but other clients
4) Restaurant dishwashers use water that is about 200 F to sanitize their glassware and utensils between customers - our steam vapour is almost double that and because it's a vapour - penetrates all cracks and gaps in panels (unlike disinfectant wipes) to kill viruses that can't be reached by hand.  All while using hypoallergenic steam
5) We further sanitize by shampooing carpets and cloth upholstery with a hypoallergenic orange extract, which we then apply to surface areas
6) Glass is cleaned with a citric vinegar blend
7) Plastics and vinyl are finalized with a fruit based wax to repel dust, water, and UV rays for 30 days

What's your experience in detailing potentially Coronavirus infected vehicles?

Some of our key clients include;
1) Canada Post
2) Brewster/Pursuit Collection
3) Go Electric/OK Tire
4) Courtesy Chrysler
5) Freezemaxwell Roofing
6) Versus Living
7) Calgary Ambulance
8) City of Airdrie
9) Airdrie Maaco
10) Wawanesa Insurance

MEDS is committed to ensuring that all Calgarians and those residing in the Okanagan Valley have access to vehicle biohazard / sanitation services.


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