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Do you require a year round commercial vehicle cleaning service? 


Funeral Homes

We understand that having the hearse immaculately clean is a sign of respect for your customers.  We also understand that the details surrounding a memorial service are intricate and extremely important – which is why Mobile Eco Detailing Specialists (MEDS) wishes to help give you more time to focus on those details.  If you have a climate controlled garage, we can deploy a team to your site year-round to ensure that on the day of the service, the hearse is ready for the most discerning customer, and you have more time to focus on other aspects.


Do you want to WOW your guests, with absolutely zero cost to yourself?  How about offering a service to your guests that your competition doesn’t, and acts as another revenue stream to your Guest Services Department?  Consider offering year-round detailing to your guests!  Contact us when you have a vehicle that a guest wishes to have detailed, and we’ll deploy a team year-round (if you have a climate controlled garage) to ensure that the tremendous guest experience that you’ve given them continues when they get in their vehicle after check out.  Even better, we’ll provide a referral fee for the business!


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Home / Office Cleaning Companies

An increasing trend amongst home cleaning companies is to provide full service cleaning to their clients.  This has begun to include (amongst some companies) an offer to clean the client’s vehicle whilst cleaning their home.  Unfortunately, due to using traditional detailing methods, many companies halt offering this service during winter months.  Why say no to a customer?  Why put a revenue stream on hold?  Contact Mobile Eco Detailing Specialists (MEDS) today, and we can sub contract year – round vehicle detailing for you.  We’ll ensure that your client’s vehicle is just as clean as their home, and you’ll get paid for offering a service to your customers that they want!


When you have to work between two sites, and cannot risk cross contamination (Club Root, for ex.), what do you do?  Take all your equipment somewhere, decontaminate it, and then re deploy?  How much does that cost you in downtime and hours paid?  What if someone could come to your location, and sterilize your equipment for you prior to it’s next deployment?  Let Mobile Eco Detailing Specialists save you time, money, and allow you to be compliant with regulations concerning cross contamination.


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